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Australia's first Regenerative Dog Food.

Derived from combining the words Regenerative Agriculture & Carnivore.

Regenerative Agriculture is a method of farming that has a net positive for the environment, using no chemical or pharmaceutical inputs.

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About Us

Regenivore is a family-owned business that is passionate about providing high-quality dog food that is 100% natural, with no hidden or unnecessary ingredients that so many big-named brands incorporate.

Co-founder Luke Winder, is the owner of Tathra Place Free Range, Maremma Free Range Brands, & Integrity Agriculture; an electrician from Sydney who was inspired to attempt primary production developed by American regenerative farmer Joel Salatin.

“A Regenivore is someone who eats in a way that supports regenerating and sustaining our planet, our health and our economies”

Why Offal For My Dog? 

Regenivore’s Offal is a combination of beef, duck, pork & lamb vital organs such as liver, kidneys, hearts & lungs. Offal is the most powerful super food our Dog’s can eat and contains more nutrients than in muscle meat 10 fold. 


​Offal should be consumed by our Dog’s daily to ensure strong muscles & bones, improved digestion & metabolism, reduced risk of illness & disease, a shiny coat, a healthy heart & healthy vision. 

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